Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Kidz1st Pediatrics,

the premiere pediatric medicine practice

serving the Greater Rochester area.

Kidz1st Past.....

Kidz1st was organized in 2001 as the continuation of the greater Rochester area's original pediatric practice from the 1950s. Having grown steadily over the years, we have expanded and remodeled regularly but have been a fixture at our current convenient location for more than 40 years. Through the years, our primary goal has remained to provide primary preventive care, for the child as an individual and as part of a family and a community, as part of a long term, two way, trusting, caring relationship.

.....Kidz1st Present....

Jay Mitchell, MD, who joined the practice in 1991 and organized Kidz1st, and Silvia Operti-Considine, MD, who joined the practice in 2002, have been co-owners of Kidz1st since 2006.

At Kidz1st, we aim to give patients, parents, and families the information, skills, and support to be their own health care advocates. The Kidz1st health care team strongly emphasizes effective, timely communication and strives for the creation of long term relationships with our patients and their families. Our health care providers stay up-to-date on preventive, acute, and chronic pediatric medical care. We do not over-prescribe medications but instead focus on improving lifestyle choices and preventing disease and complications. For all of these reasons and many more, Kidz1st has been voted the "Best Pediatric Practice in Oakland County" multiple times by our patients.

And we don't stop at our office walls. Kidz1st and our staff have been very active in supporting families and activities in the Greater Rochester area. We are honored to receive the prestigious Philanthropic Business of the Year award for 2012 by the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce.

.....and Kidz1st Future

Kidz1st is also at the forefront of redefining and restructuring pediatric health care for the 21st century while still honoring our past. We constantly look ahead and  listen to our families as we try to do more and do better. We use technology to improve our record keeping, decision support, and patient care but never at the expense of personal attention and individualized care.